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About Tackle Scout

Tackle Scout was founded with one goal in mind: To help anglers catch more fish and get more out their fishing gear purchases. Instead of short and shallow fluff pieces on the fad of the day, we prefer to publish longer, deeper articles, the kind of thing that actually can help anglers on their way to becoming experts on any particular technique or bait.

We also love fishing gear, rods, reels, and tackle. Our goal is to review gear to make you feel like you have actually used them yourself. We simply want to help anglers of all types and skill levels to find the best fishing gear for their budgets and fishing styles.

There are a lot of self proclaimed “experts” and know-it-all’s in the fishing community, so why should you listen to us? Our authors have decades of experience fishing both competitively and for pure fun.  None of us will proclaim to know everything, but over the years of fishing, each of us has developed a sense for what is good, and what is gimmicky.

Thanks for visiting, we hope you’ll bookmark us and visit again! If you are new to Tackle Scout, here are some great articles to get you started: