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Fishing Crankbaits with Snaps

Why you Should Use Snaps for Fishing Crankbaits

Snaps make fishing crankbaits easier, and there is little to no downside to it. Some people won’t agree with that statement, but after years of fishing all kinds of crankbaits and jerkbaits on them, I have developed a...

Best Spinning Reels for Bass Fishing

Gear Guide: Best Spinning Reel for Bass Fishing

When the bite gets tough, bass fishermen turn to light line, light lures, and spinning reels. They are an essential tool for bass fishing that sometimes get a bad rap for being “finesse”. I don’t know...

Best Chatterbait and Vibrating Jigs

Tackle Guide: Best Chatterbait & Trailers for Bass

Like any good fishing lure story, the original Chatterbait was invented and manufactured in a garage by a tinkering fisherman. Soon Ron Davis Sr.’s invention would lead to some smashing tournament success around the...

Bass Fishing for Beginners

Ultimate Guide to Bass Fishing for Beginners

Bass fishing is one of those sports that might seem intimidating to beginners if all you have seen is the Bassmasters on TV or the “pros” on YouTube. Learning how to bass fish doesn’t have to be that...

Drop Shot Fishing

Ultimate Guide to Drop Shot Fishing

Over the last 10-15 years, the Drop Shot rig has exploded in popularity, thanks to numerous tournament wins and specialized tackle allowing easy rigging for the weekend angler. There may be no better or more productive...

Carolina Rig Fishing

Ultimate Guide to Carolina Rig Fishing

Fishing a Carolina Rig is sometimes referred to as dragging “The Old Ball and Chain”; thanks to the extreme love hate relationship many bass anglers have developed for the technique. They hate it because dragging around...