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Man sitting and fishing in Ice Shelter

Best Ice Fishing Chairs for Comfort & Support

Ice fishing requires sitting for hours in the cold, might as well make yourself comfortable. You might think a camping chair or padded 5-gallon buckets is fine, but you’d be selling yourself short. Most (but not all)...

Best Ice Fishing Lures for Lake Trout

10 Best Ice Fishing Lures for Lake Trout

Hard-hitting and powerful fighters, Lake Trout are perhaps the most thrilling species to target through the ice. These apex predators are active during the winter, and when you find them the action can be intense. But...

Large Northern Pike being pulled from the ice.

10 Best Ice Fishing Lures for Northern Pike

While there are numerous ways to catch pike through the ice, one of the most exciting is jigging. Jigging with lures is something almost anyone can do. This method doesn’t require advanced equipment, expensive live...

Best Gloves for Ice Fishing

The Best Gloves for Ice Fishing & Cold Weather

Dealing with ice, cold temps, and water is an ever-present challenge in ice fishing. The conditions can be brutal on the extremities, especially the hands which are so important to be an effective ice fisherman. You...

Jumbo Perch caught through the ice with a Jig

10 Best Ice Fishing Lures for Perch

In the world of ice fishing, few species are more sought after than perch. Each fish produces two fillets for your dinner table, and you’ll appreciate the outstanding flavor and texture at the fish fry. The challenging...

Large crappies caught by an ice fisherman.

10 Best Ice Fishing Lures for Crappie

Catching slab crappies on the ice is a blast. But it’s not always easy. Your fishing location and lure selection are critical to the success of your day on the ice. Knowing what, and how, crappie eat in winter tells you...