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Best Ice Fishing Line

Best Ice Fishing Line for All Situations

Some guys always seem to forget to re-spool their ice reels with new line. Maybe they are too excited to hit the ice, maybe they’re just lazy. Either way, don’t be like them. If you left your line on the...

Best Ice Fishing Tip Ups

Flags Up! 5 Best Ice Fishing Tip Ups

Whether you fish from an ice house or like to move around spot to spot, tip ups are a fun and versatile way of catching fish on the ice. They are great for covering lots of water, as well as supplementing your main...

Portable Ice Fishing Heater Reviews

Best Ice Fishing Heater to Outlast the Cold

It’s impossible to fish effectively when the wind is cutting through your shelter and your hands are frozen into a permanent claw shape. The next to go are your toes, and you suddenly don’t feel like fishing anymore...

Best Hand Ice Augers

5 Best Hand Ice Augers for Easy Hole Drilling

Using a hand powered ice auger is not about doing things the “old way”. With new lightweight designs, strong materials, and removable blades, these are not your Grandad’s augers. Today’s top hand ice augers are...

Ice Fishing Safety Tips

10 Essential Ice Fishing Safety Tips

Finding a spot on a frozen lake or reservoir and setting up shop to catch some fish is a great way to spend free time in the winter months. Ice fishing is fun and rewarding, but also presents dangers you need to be...

Complete Ice Fishing Gear List

The Complete Ice Fishing Gear List

The idea of fishing in sub-freezing temperatures keeps weaker minded people indoors. When you have the proper clothing, gear, and shelter the wind and cold are manageable, if not even enjoyable. Here is a complete ice...