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Best Topwater Frog for Bass Fishing

15 Best Topwater Frog Lures for Bass Fishing

Whether you are a newb, bank beater, or seasoned bass angler, one lure you must carry at all times is the topwater frog. Topwater frogs are easy to fish and effective in all areas of the country. They also elicit some of the most explosive and exciting bass strikes you’ll ever experience.

Thanks to such popularity, there are hundreds of models to choose from, so you might be wondering which is the best topwater frog for bass fishing? The good news is we have fished with enough frogs to know which types and brands work best and provide the best value. Read this guide to learn which frogs and colors are best for bass.

The 3 Types of Hollow Body Frogs

The first thing to know is there are actually three types of topwater frogs. Each has it’s strengths and weaknesses, but most beginners should start with the walking frogs and add to their bait box as needed.

  • Walking Frogs: The classic topwater frog baits. You can fish them as fast or as slow as you’d like. The ability to drag, twitch, walk the dog, or burn the bait over the nastiest of cover makes the traditional hollow body frog such an effective bait. There are dozens of manufacturers, in every imaginable color and pattern. Most serious bass fisherman devote an entire tackle tray to storing their frog arsenal.
  • Popping Frogs: This style of hollow body frog is an evolution of the traditional frog. By molding in a cupped mouth, or a hard plastic lip, the popping frog can spit water, chug bubbles, and even walk back and forth at the same time. A popper creates a little more action, commotion, and sound in the water for when bass are keyed on shad and baitfish. These frogs are typically a little smaller in size compared to the others.
  • Plopping Frogs: Part hollow body frog, part prop bait, these topwater frogs are relatively new to the bass fishing scene. They have legs that rotate like a prop in place of the traditional skirted legs, and cause a great “plopping” style commotion on the surface that bass can’t stand. They are a great buzzbait alternative for areas that have cover that would snag a buzzbait.

What are the Best Frog Colors for Bass?

When the first hollow body frog lures came onto the scene, they were green and only green. Today we have more colors and patterns than ever, to point where it’s actually a little confusing as to what color you should choose.

Frog color selection is much simpler than you might think when you consider these basic concepts. First, frogs are usually fished in heavy cover where a bass is not likely to inspect your frogs colors. Second, most frogs are going to be shades of white, green, or yellow. Finally, a topwater frog can also imitate baitfish like shad and bluegill.

You can condense almost all frog colors and patterns into one of these groups: Black, White, and Natural.

  • Black: Black and any dark colored frog are great for bright days and thick mats where the bass will burrow under the veggies looking for bluegill to snack on. Black creates a nice silhouette that can be more easily seen and tracked under the canopy.
  • White: Light colored frogs are best for imitating live frogs and baitfish like shad. If you ever see a fish with a shad hanging out its gullet, tying on a white frog can be the ticket. White is also excellent in crummy weather. For whatever reason, when clouds and rain create low light conditions, a white frog can be stellar.
  • Green/Brown/Yellow (Natural): These colors are more natural and are a great choice when grass and vegetation are thinner and spread out. Green and Brown patterns imitate lots of natural forage and are less likely to spook fish in clearer water.

9 Best Topwater Frog Lures

  1. Spro Bronzeye Frog
  2. Strike King KVD Sexy Frog
  3. Booyah Pad Crasher
  4. LIVETARGET Hollow Body Frog
  5. River2Sea Bully Wa
  6. Spro Bronzeye King Daddy
  7. Terminator Walking Frog
  8. Scum Frog
  9. Snag Proof Phat Frog

4 Best Popping Frogs

  1. Booyah Poppin Pad Crasher
  2. Spro Bronzeye Poppin Frog
  3. River2Sea Spittin Wa Frog
  4. Spro Bronzeye Spit Shad

Best Plopping Frogs

  1. Booyah Toad Runner
  2. Stanley Top Toad
  3. Scum Frog Big Foot

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