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Crankbait Depth Charts for Bass

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Half the fun of crankbait fishing is collecting a bunch of different baits. After a while, it can become difficult to tell how deep they all run. Not all manufacturers mark their cranks with the diving depth.

To help answer that question, we collected and organized the size, weight, and diving depths of the most popular brands and models. Feel free to print these crankbait depth charts for quick reference later.

How to Tell How Deep a Crankbait Dives

Can you tell how deep a crankbait will dive by only looking at it? Unless the crankbait has the depth printed on the body, you can only estimate the running depth.

The shape and size of the bill determine how deep it will run. The size and weight of the plug body also play a role in the depth. Use this list to estimate your lure’s running depth quickly.

Bill Length and Depth (Quick Estimate)

  • Square – Less than 5 feet
  • Under 1.5” – 5-10 feet
  • 1.5-2” – 10-15 feet
  • 2-2.5” – 15-20 feet
  • Over 2.5” – 20 feet or more

Crankbait Depth Charts by Brand

Here are some quick reference tables for the most popular bass crankbaits.

Strike King XD Depth Chart

Strike King Crankbait Depth Chart

The XD series is among the most popular crankbaits in bass fishing. How do you tell how deep an XD crankbait runs without original packaging? A rule of thumb is multiplying the model by 2.5, which gets you in the ballpark.

Strike King 3XD2"7/16oz10-12ft
Strike King 5XD2.5"5/8oz15ft
Strike King 6XD3"1oz17ft
Strike King 8XD5.5"1.3oz20ft
Strike King 10XD6"1.9oz25ft

Rapala DT

One convenient thing about the popular Rapala DT series is the running depth is the model’s name. DT even stands for Dives To. How nice of them!

Look next to the line tie, and you will see “DTxx” embossed on the bill. The number is the running depth.

Rapala DT42"5/16oz4ft
Rapala DT62"3/8oz6ft
Rapala DT82"3/8oz8ft
Rapala DT102.25"3/5oz10ft
Rapala DT142.75"3/4oz14ft
Rapala DT162.75"3/4oz16ft
Rapala DT202.75"7/8oz20ft

Berkley Digger & Dredger

Berkley Crankbait Depth Chart

This series of baits are affordable and performs quite well for the price. How deep do Berkley Digger and Dredger crankbaits run?

They come in a wide range of diving depths, so how can you quickly pick the right bait?

Berkley prints the model number on the crankbait body. The number falls in the lure’s published diving range. For example, a Digger 14.5. dives to 12-15 feet.

Digger 3.51.75"1/4oz3-5ft
Digger 4.52"3/8oz4-6ft
Digger 6.52"1/2oz5-8ft
Digger 8.52.5"9/16oz7-9ft
Digger 10.52.5"11/16oz10-12ft
Digger 14.52.75"7/8oz12-15ft
Dredger 8.52"5/16oz8-10ft
Dredger 10.52.25"1/2oz9-11.5ft
Dredger 14.52.5"5/8oz12-15.5ft
Dredger 17.52.75"3/4oz16-19.5ft
Dredger 20.53"7/8oz20-22.5
Dredger 25.53.25"1-1/8oz22-26ft

Crankbait Depth Chart – All Brands

Use this chart to find your crankbait’s running depth. Use the search box to filter and narrow down the list.

Strike King Hybrid Hunter Jr.3"1/2oz2-4ft
Strike King Hybrid Hunter3-1/2"5/6oz3-5ft
Strike King 3XD2"7/16oz10-12ft
Strike King 5XD2.5"5/8oz15ft
Strike King 6XD3"1oz17ft
Strike King 8XD5.5"1.3oz20ft
Strike King 10XD6"1.9oz25ft +
Strike King Pro Model 32"1/4oz8ft
Strike King Pro Model 42.5"3/8oz6-9ft
Strike King Pro Model 52.6"1/2oz10-13ft
Strike King Pro Model 63"3/4oz12-15ft
Strike King KVD HC Flat Side 1.52.25"3/8oz8-10ft
Strike King Pro Model 63"3/4oz12-15ft
Strike King KVD 1.5 Deep Diver3-3/8"7/16oz10ft
Strike King KVD HC 1.0 Squarebill2"1/4oz2-4ft
Strike King KVD HC 1.5 Squarebill2-1/4"3/8oz3-6ft
Strike King KVD HC 2.5 Squarebill2-3/4"5/8oz3-6ft
Strike King  KVD 4.0 Magnum Squarebill4"7/8oz3-7ft
Strike King  KVD 8.0 Magnum Squarebill4-1/2"1-1/8oz3-7ft
RapalaScatter Rap Crank 52"5/16oz6-8ft
RapalaScatter Rap Crank 72-3/4"9/16oz8-13ft
RapalaDT Fat Crank 32-1/2"1/2oz0-3ft 
RapalaDT Fat Crank 12-3/4"5/8oz0-1ft 
RapalaBX Brat Squarebill 032"3/8oz3ft 
RapalaBX Brat Squarebill 062"3/8oz6ft
RapalaBX Mid Brat2-1/2"7/16oz5ft
RapalaBX Big Brat2-3/4" 3/4oz 6ft 
BerkleyDredger 8.52"5/16oz8-10ft
BerkleyDredger 10.52-1/4"1/2oz9-11.5 ft
BerkleyDredger 14.52-1/2"5/8oz12.-15.5ft
BerkleyDredger 17.52-3/4"3/4oz16-19.5ft
BerkleyDredger 20.53"7/8oz20-22.5ft
BerkleyDredger 25.53-1/4"1-1/8oz22-26ft 
BerkleyDigger 3.51.75"1/4oz3-5ft
BerkleyDigger 4.52"3/8oz4-6 ft
BerkleyDigger 6.52"1/2oz5-8ft
BerkleyDigger 8.52.5"9/16oz7-9ft
BerkleyDigger 10.52.5"11/16oz10-12ft
BerkleyDigger 14.52.75"7/8oz12-15ft
BerkleyFrittside 5 Jr.2"1/4oz2-5ft
BerkleyFrittside 52-1/4"1/3oz2-5ft
BerkleyFrittside 5 Biggun'2-4/5"3/7oz2-5ft
BerkleyFrittside 72-1/2"3/7oz5-7ft
BerkleyFrittside 92-3/4"1/2oz7-10ft
BerkleySquarebull 3.52"1/4oz2-5ft 
BerkleySquarebull 5.52-3/8"3/8oz3-6ft 
BerkleySquarebull 7.52-3/4"5/8oz4-8ft 
6th SenseCrush 500DD5.75"1-3/4oz20-28ft
6th SenseCrush 300DD3"1oz14-19ft
6th SenseCloud 9 C62.56"1/2oz4-8ft
6th SenseCloud 9 C102.65"5/8oz8-12ft
6th SenseCloud 9 C153"1oz12-19ft
6th SenseCloud 9 C203.50"1.4oz18-22ft
6th SenseCloud 9 C253.75"1.9oz18-26ft
6th SenseCrush 250MD2.75"5/8oz7-11ft
6th SenseCrush Mini 25MD2"1/4oz4-7ft
6th SenseCurve 552.25"3/8oz5-10ft
6th SenseCloud 9 MiniMag Squarebill 3.25"7/8oz3-7ft
6th SenseCrush Flat 75X2.66"5/8oz2-5ft
6th SenseCrush Mini 25X2"1/4oz2-4ft
6th SenseCrush 50X Squarebill2.25"3/8oz2-5ft
6th SenseCrush 100X Squarebill2.67"5/8oz2-5ft
6th SenseCrush 50XR2.25"1/2oz2-5ft
6th SenseCrush 100XR2.67"5/8oz2-5ft
6th SenseCurve Finesse Squarebill2.25"3/8oz1-3ft
6th SenseMunch 402.5"7/16oz2-3ft
6th SenseSwank 77X3"3/4oz2-4ft
Bomber FF Fingerling (BD5)2.4"3/8oz8-10ft
Bomber FF Shad Jr. (BD6)2.5"1/2oz8-14ft
Bomber FF Shad (BD7)3"3/4oz14-18ft
Bomber Deep FF Shad (BD8F)3"1oz17-19ft
Bomber Gen 2 Fat Free Shad3"1oz12-16ft
Bomber Model 4A2.7"5/16oz3-6ft 
Bomber Model 5A1-7/8"1/5oz4-6ft
Bomber Model 6A2-1/8"3/8oz6-8ft
Bomber Model 7A2-5/8"1/2pz8-10ft
Bomber Deep Flat A2-1/2"3/8oz4-8ft
Bomber Flat A2-1/2"3/8oz3-5ft
Bomber Gen 2 Deep Flat A2-1/2"3/8oz4-8ft
Bomber Gen 2 FF Fingerling2-3/8"3/8oz8-10ft
Bomber Fat Free Guppy Crankbait2-3/8"3/8oz4-6ft
Bomber Fat Free Shad Jr.2-1/2"5/8oz8-12ft
Bomber Gen 2 Flat A2-1/2"3/8oz3-5ft
Bomber Gen 2 Model 4A Crankbait2-1/8"5/16oz3-6ft
Bomber Gen 2 Model 5A Crankbait1-3/4"1/4oz4-6ft
Bomber Gen 2 Model 6A Crankbait2-1/8"3/8oz6-8ft
Bomber Gen 2 Model 7A Crankbait2-5/8"1/2oz8-10ft
Lucky Craft LC 1.5 XD Crankbait2-3/8"1/2oz10ft
Lucky Craft LC 2.0 XD Crankbait2-9/16"3/5oz11-13ft
Lucky Craft LC 2.5 XD Crankbait2-3/4"3/4oz14-16ft
Lucky Craft SKT DR2 1/2"7/16oz5-6ft
Lucky Craft SKT Mini DR2"3/8oz4-7ft
Lucky Craft SKT Mini MR2"1/4oz3-5ft 
Lucky Craft SKT MR2 1/2"3/8oz4-5ft
Lucky Craft Flat CB D203"3/4oz20ft
Lucky Craft KJ Flat Crankbait 1.02-1/4"1/4oz3ft
Lucky Craft KJ Flat Crankbait 1.52-1/2"3/8oz3ft
Lucky Craft LC 5.5 D20 Crankbait3-1/2"1-5/8oz20ft 
Lucky Craft 0.3 Squarebill1-1/2"1/10oz1-2ft
Lucky Craft 0.5 Squarebill1-3/4"3/16oz1-2ft
Lucky Craft LC DRS 1.0 DD2.12"3/8oz6-7ft
Lucky Craft LC DRS 1.5 DD2.36"1/2oz7-8ft
Lucky Craft LC DRS 2.5 DD2.75"3/4oz10-12ft
Lucky Craft LC DRS 3.5 DD3"1oz11-13ft
Lucky Craft LC DRS 1.02-1/8"1/3oz2-3ft
Lucky Craft LC DRS 1.52"1/2oz3-4ft 
Lucky Craft LC DRS 2.52-3/4"5/8oz3-4ft 
Lucky Craft LC DRS 3.53"3/4oz4-5ft
Lucky Craft LC DRS 4.53-1/4"7/8oz4-5ft
Lucky Craft LC DRS 5.53-1/2"1-3/8oz4-5ft
Lucky Craft LC 0.5DD1-3/4"7/32oz3ft
Lucky Craft LC 1.5DD2"1/2oz5-8ft
Lucky Craft LC 3.5DD3"3/4oz11-13ft
Lucky Craft 0.7 Silent Squarebill2" 1/4oz 2.5ft 
Lucky Craft 1.0 Silent Squarebill2-1/4" 3/8 3ft 
Lucky Craft LC 0.72"1/4oz2-3ft
Lucky Craft LC 1.52-2/5"1/2oz3-4ft 
Lucky Craft LC 2.52-3/4"5/8oz3-4ft 
Lucky Craft LC 3.53"3/4oz4-5ft
Lucky Craft LC 4.53.25"3/4oz4-5ft
Lucky Craft LC 5.53.5"1-13/32oz4-5ft
Yo-Zuri3DB Crank Medium2-3/4"9/16oz6-8ft
Yo-Zuri3DB Crank Deep2-3/4"3/4oz12-15ft
Yo-Zuri3DB 1.5 MR2-3/8"1/2oz5-8ft
Yo-Zuri3DR-X Flat2-1/8"3/8oz3-4ft 
Yo-Zuri3DR-X DD2"3/8oz10ft
Yo-Zuri3DR-X MR2"1/4oz6ft
Yo-Zuri3DR-X SR Squarbill2"1/4oz3ft
LIVETARGETBluegill Shallow (BG57S)2-1/4"1/4oz3-4ft
LIVETARGETBluegill Medium (BG57M)2-1/4"1/4oz5-6ft
LIVETARGETBluegill Shallow (BG70S)2-3/4"1/2oz3-4ft
LIVETARGETBluegill Medium (BG70M)2-3/4"1/2oz5-6ft
LIVETARGETPumpkinseed Shallow (PS57S)2-1/4"1/4oz3-4ft
LIVETARGETPumpkinseed Medium (PS57M)2-1/4"1/4oz5-6ft
LIVETARGETPumpkinseed Shallow (PS70S)2-3/4"1/2oz 3-4ft
LIVETARGETPumpkinseed Medium (PS70M)2-3/4"1/2oz 5-6ft
LIVETARGETThreadfin S65M2"5/16oz5-7ft
LIVETARGETThreadfin S75M3"1/2oz5-7ft
LIVETARGETThreadfin Shad Mag Crankbait 2.75"5/8oz 12ft
LIVETARGETThreadfin Shad Mag Crankbait  3"1oz 16ft
LIVETARGETThreadfin Shad Mag Crankbait  3.5"1-3/8oz 20ft
LIVETARGETYellow Perch (YPJ73M) 2 7/8"3/8oz3-5ft
LIVETARGETYellow Perch (YPJ98M)3-5/8"9/16oz3-5ft
LIVETARGETYellow Perch (YPJ73D)2 7/8"3/8oz6-8ft
LIVETARGETYellow Perch (YPJ98D)3-5/8"9/16oz7-10ft
NormanDD 223"5/8oz15-18ft
NormanNXS Crankbait2-1/2"5/8oz12-16ft
NormanDeep Little N2.5"3/8oz9-12ft
NormanMiddle N2"3/8oz7-9ft 
NormanSpeed N2.75"1/2oz4-6ft
NormanSpeed N Jr.2.35"3/8oz4-6ft
StormOriginal Wiggle Wart2"3/8oz7-12ft
StormOriginal Mag Wart2.75"3/4oz13-24ft
StormOriginal Deep Wiggle Wart2"7/16oz10-20ft
StormDeep Rattlin Flat Wart 52"3/8oz6-8ft
Bill LewisMR-62.25"1/2oz6ft
Bill LewisMR-122-1/2"3/4oz12ft

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