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Mystery Tackle Box Review

Mystery Tackle Box Review (Pro Bass Unboxings)

Mystery Tackle Box (MTB for short) is the most popular Fishing Subscription Box in the tackle industry. The company really seems to have a passionate following online, especially on YouTube. I’m sure you have seen some of the gazillion MTB Unboxing, or MTB Slam videos, they are hard to miss :).

Doubters and haters might dismiss the popularity as marketing hype, but MTB has been steadily growing its business since it started in 2012. Which brings us to this review. Our goal is to answer the number one question anglers have when considering buying into the monthly subscription box:

Yeah it looks cool, but is Mystery Tackle Box worth it?

To answer that question, we purchased the Pro monthly box for bass fishing. As we get each MTB box, we’ll add it to this review so you can get the picture of its value over time. We also subscribed to the equivalent box from Lucky Tackle Box, MTB’s main competitor. It’s only fair that we do a largemouth to largemouth comparison of the top two tackle boxes.

How Does MTB Work? What Does it Cost?

MTB-LTB Proof of Purchase
Yes, I paid for my own subscriptions 🙂

MTB is very simple. You choose a plan, your preferred species, payment frequency, and then you checkout. All that’s left is to wait for your first box to arrive (they’ll send you a tracking number).

  • MTB Regular ($14.99/mo) – Choose from Bass, Inshore, Ice Fishing, Walleye, Panfish, Catfish, and Trout.
  • MTB Pro ($24.99/mo) – Choose from Bass, Walleye, or Inshore Saltwater. Each box has an approximate retail value of $40.
  • MTB Elite ($???/mo) – This new level is rumored to be $50/month premium box.
  • MTB Gift ($43 to $276) – Get the same selection of species and box level, in a convenient gift card form. They can be had in 3, 6, and 12 month packages.

The sign up process was as easy as 1-2-3. But what if you don’t like it, or don’t want a box every month? MTB makes it easy to cancel, pause, upgrade or downgrade at any time. You can even change target species, which I imagine would be nice for multi-species anglers and ice fishermen.

Mystery Tackle Box Review – Box #1 (February)

Mystery Tackle Box Review - Box 1

  • Lucky Craft Pointer 95 ($15.99) – The Pointer 95 is a 1/2 ounce, 3-3/4″ long silent jerkbait. It runs 4-5 feet deep. The Ghost Threadfin Shad color looks great and should work well on most lakes with shad.
  • Bill Lewis Floating Rat-L-Trap ($5.49) – This rattle bait is intriguing, in that it floats. Instead of aggressively working the bait like you would on a heavy lipless bait, it’s going to be worked much closer to the surface. I can’t wait to try this one out.
  • Castaic Boyd Duckett BD Squarebill ($6.99) – This is a nice looking squarebill crankbait. The hooks look quality, and the shallow 3-4 foot running depth should work great in the spring.
  • Carolina Rig Kit ($3.00) – Beads, swivels, and brass weights for assembling two Carolina Rigs.
  • Catch Co. Gator Hawg ($2.99) – 6 pack of baby Brush Hawg style soft plastics.
  • Catch Co. Stickies Hooks ($2.10) – 3 pack of 3/0 offset worm hooks.
  • Blakemore Randy’s Swim’n Runner ($6.49) – A nice little underspin bait that should work great for spotted bass. The 1/4 ounce size should catch a lot of fish.

Total Box Retail Value = $43.05          Try MTB

Thoughts on Box #1: This box was received in February, and it’s a nice selection of lures for early spring bass fishing. The hard baits are spot on for things I would use around the old grass beds, and shallow hard cover. The other pieces are basically everything you would need to fish a Carolina Rig, which is a nice touch. Overall this was an excellent box of tackle.

Mystery Tackle Box Review – Box #2 (March)

MTB Review Box 2

  • Smartbaits Brute ($7.99) – A pack of creature bait style soft plastics. Smartbaits has a color change technology, where the colors adapt to the water temperature for a more realistic presentation.
  • Saw Craw ($4.99) – This is a pack of Rage Craw knockoffs, with similar claw shape, so I expect them to have great action for pitching and flipping.
  • Westin Hypoteez ST ($5.99) – This is a 6″ swimbait with a pre-molded jig and hook, with a treble hook trailer. It is an interesting swimbait, and one I’ve never fished before. With the exposed hooks, I’ll probably only throw this around grass and points with no brush to hang up in.
  • Catch Co Flippin Jig ($2.19) – A standard 3/8 oz flipping jig, similar to a Strike King Bitsy Flip. The head has a nice flat shape to it, I’m betting I can skip this under boat docks and wood quite easily.
  • Strike King Rage Tail Lizards ($5.39) – Rage Tail baits are awesome, and the lizard is going to get used this spring on a light Texas Rig, and a Mojo Rig on spinning gear to catch some fish as they move in and out of spawning pockets.
  • Big O’s Brush Bands ($0.99) – A pack of o-ring bands to spread apart your brush guards. I have no idea why this is necessary; I think I’ll use them for wacky rigs instead.
  • Sinker Pegs ($1.99) – This is a pack of rubber bobber stop style sinker pegs. I use these all the time and will definitely get used up this year.
  • Catch Co Runt Crankbait ($4.99) – The Runt is a strange looking little crankbait. The short body and lip reminds me of those little Rebel crawfish crankbaits. I don’t think I will end up using this bait, but it should work really well for bank and pond fishing.

Total Box Retail Value = $34.52          Try MTB

Thoughts on Box #2: This was a March box, and it’s a decent lure packs for pre-spawn and spawn time bass fishing. I would pitch the plastics on a light Texas Rig to any shallow cover I can find. The jig could be fished around wood and docks this time of year. I’m interested in trying the Westin swimbait, as I’ve never tried fishing a swimbait of that style. I would grade this an average box.

Mystery Tackle Box Review – Box #3 (April)

Mystery Tackle Box Review - Box 3

  • BioSpawn ExoSwim ($5.99) – A soft plastic, ribbed swimbait that has become so popular in bass fishing. I’ll fish this bait for Spotted Bass on a small jighead or underspin, as well as on a swimjig for largemouth.
  • Bagley Pro Sunny B Twin Prop ($8.79) – This is a sweet looking prop topwater plug. The bluegill color is perfect for fishing postspawn around bluegill beds along grass lines and the bank.
  • Yo-Zuri Pencil (F) ($7.99) – Another nice topwater bait! This frog colored pencil walker is also great for postspawn fishing around the bream beds.
  • CatchCo Spinnerbait ($2.99) – An average willow blade spinnerbait. Nothing special about this bait.
  • Stickies Trailer Hooks ($1.99) – Trailer hooks to go along with the spinnerbait.
  • Big Bite Drop Shad ($1.99) – This is a sample pack of drop shot baits, modeled after the popular Strike King worms.
  • Lucky John Chunk Tail ($1.99) – A small pack of grub trailers that can be paired with a jig or swimjig.

Total Box Retail Value = $31.73          Try MTB

Thoughts on Box #3: This box had 3 excellent baits and some pretty average to below average lures. The topwater baits are great, and I can’t wait to fish them. In my opinion, this is still a good selection of bass lures that are well matched for the springtime of the year, whether pre or post spawn.

Waiting on Box #4…

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