Lucky Tackle Box Review (Bass XL Unboxings)

Lucky Tackle Box (also known as LTB) is a monthly fishing tackle subscription box. The company is very popular, especially for it’s Bass XL and Tournament boxes. LTB has a strong fanbase, which you can see on sites like YouTube, with guys posting “unboxing” videos, and then hitting the lake to attempt an “LTB Slam” and catch a fish on every lure in that month’s box.

LTB came along in 2013, about a year after Mystery Tackle Box hit the scene, and MTB remains the big dog in the fishing subscription box industry. Each company has their fans, which is why we wanted to do an unbiased Lucky Tackle Box review. We want you to see for yourself what kind of value you get from these services.

We subscribed to the Bass XL box, since our focus is bass fishing for most of the year. In this review we’ll document each box so you can see what you can expect over the course of a year. For comparison sake, we also signed up for the equivalent MTB Pro box, which you can read our review here.

How Does LTB Work? Is it Legit?

MTB-LTB Proof of Purchase

Proof of Purchase 😉

Signing up for LTB is easy. You choose your preferred species, how often you want to be billed (1, 3, 6, or 12 months at a time), and then checkout. LTB is focused mostly on bass fishing, but they have six other boxes for Saltwater, Ice, and other freshwater species.

  • Bass ($14.99/mo) – 5 baits per box, with an estimated $25 retail value. Geared towards weekend anglers who like to try new baits.
  • Bass XL ($24.99/mo) – This is LTB’s most popular box. You’ll get 7 baits per box, with an approximate $40 retail value, geared towards more experienced anglers.
  • Tournament Series ($50/mo) – This is the elite box, with 15 baits ($85 value) per month as chosen by professional BASS and FLW pros. These baits are supposed to be tournament proven already, so you won’t get any really weird stuff, just the juice.
  • Multi-Species, Walleye ($25) – If bass is not your thing, fear not, as there are good Multi-species and walleye boxes to be had. These also have 7 baits per box at a $40 value.
  • Saltwater, Fly Fishing ($25) – Inshore salt guys and fly fisherman can get their tackle fix with these boxes. The Fly box is curated by Umpqua, so you know you’ll get some goods.
  • Panfish/Ice Fishing ($15) – Last but not least is the Panfish and Ice Fishing options. LTB makes it easy to switch your boxes at any time, so when first ice forms you can get ice fishing lures, and when ice goes out you can switch to panfish and slay the crappies and bluegill.

Lucky Tackle Box Bass XL Review – Box #1

  • Dobyns D-Blade Spinnerbait ($5.99) – Here is 1/2oz spinnerbait designed by the California fishing legend Gary Dobyns. It’s a compact spinnerbait, I like the dual willow blades in silver and gold. It features a hand tied skirt and Mustad hook. Solid looking bait!
  • X Zone Lures Muscle Back Finesse Craw ($3.99) – This is a 3” finesse craw bait in green pumpkin. It looks great and I would use this on a finesse jig, Carolina Rig, or a shaky head jig.
  • Strike King Drop Shot Half Shell ($3.99) – A 6 pack of worms, specifically designed for drop shot fishing. This is a 3-1/2” shad/worm style drop shot bait that utilizes Strike King’s “Open Pour Technology”, although there is no laminate color in this pack, just green pumpkin.
  • NetBait Baby Paca Craw ($4.29) – This is a 3.75” craw bait that is quite popular for jig trailers and pitching/flipping on texas rigs. Sun Perch is a great natural greenish orange craw color.
  • Backstabber Squarebill ($8.99) – This squarebill has an interesting idea by moving the front treble hook onto the back of the lure. It looks kind of gimmicky, especially for a retail price of nine bucks.
  • Reaction Strike Buzzbait ($2.99) – A very basic looking Chartreuse and White 3/8oz buzzbait. I don’t expect this will last more than a few fish.
  • Daichi Fat Gap Worm Hook ($3.50) – 3 pack of light wire, wide gap tube and soft plastic hooks.

Total Box Retail Value = $33.74

Thoughts on Box #1: This was a decent first box. At $33 retail value, I got my $25 worth. I would for sure use the Dobyns spinnerbait, as well as all the soft plastics. I don’t have much hope in the buzzbait, but I am willing to give the Backstabber a try when I go fun fishing, but not when a tournament is on the line.

Waiting for Box #2…

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