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Best Marine Battery Box

Best Marine Battery Box for Onboard Protection

If you fish from a small boat that lacks battery compartments, it is a very smart decision to invest in battery boxes. Marine battery boxes provide secure mounting of one of the heaviest items in the boat and make them...

Best Onboard Marine Battery Chargers

5 Best Onboard Marine Battery Chargers

An onboard battery charger is not just a convenient way to charge up your boat after a long day of fishing. The best marine battery chargers recharge your batteries faster, safer, and maintain charge until your next...

Best Baitcasting Reel for Crankbaits

Gear Guide: Best Reels for Crankbait Fishing

Have you ever watched Kevin Van Dam fish a crankbait during an Elite Series tournament? It’s an exciting technique that KVD uses to get reaction bites while casting towards fish on structure. If you want to fire up...

Best Cranking Rods

Selecting the Best Crankbait Rod for Bass Fishing

When I first started getting into bass fishing, I used 3 or 4 rods for all my lures and techniques. It worked well for a few years until I got better at fishing certain techniques. I realized some of my rods weren’t...

Best Aluminum Fishing Pliers

Best Fishing Pliers for Freshwater or Saltwater

Fishing pliers are one of those easily overlooked pieces of gear. Anglers don’t really think about them until they are in desperate need of them. The best fishing pliers can remove hooks, bend wires, change split...

Best Fishing Nets for Landing Big Bass

Best Landing Net for Any Species

One of the most frustrating things in fishing is the loss of a fish right at the edge of the boat – gone, after you have put in all the work locating and plotting how to catch them. That nice fish literally becomes the...