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Plano Blade Bag Review
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Plano Guide Series Blade Bag Review

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Spinnerbait storage has long been a sore spot for me. Spinnerbait boxes are too bulky, and never truly eliminated tangled hooks and blades. Flat utility boxes have the same drawbacks, unless you don’t mind the practice of individually bagging each bladed bait.

When I came across the Plano Blade Bag I was immediately interested. I have been disappointed by other bag style storage items in the past. I bought the Blade Bag hoping to find out if it could finally solve my bladed bait storage problem.

64 Bait Storage Capacity

Plano Blade Bag

The Blade Bag was a little larger than I first expected, measuring 13” x 11” and 2” tall when empty. The bag itself feels high quality and well built. The main shell is thick and sturdy, with a nylon inner material that expands in height as it gets filled with tackle. The two zippers operated smoothly, and have handy little rubber grips.

Plano Blade Bag Review - Zipper

Perhaps the nicest little feature is the handle on the spine of the bag. I can slip the Blade Bag into my boat compartments alongside my other Plano utility boxes. The handle is in the perfect spot where I can snatch it out quickly to grab a bait.

Inside the Blade Bag are 8 clear sleeves for holding buzzbaits, spinnerbaits, and vibrating jigs. It’s not limited to just blade baits of course, you can store your trailer hooks, extra skirts, and packages of trailers in the pouches just as well.

Plano Blade Bag Review - Spinnerbaits

The sleeves have 2 pouches each, and can easily hold 3-4 baits per pouch. With 8 sleeves, I would rate the 64 bait capacity claim as accurate. The sleeve material feels like it should hold up to years of use without tearing up, but time will tell.

On the inside of the front and rear covers are more pouches with zippers. These compartments are very tight and don’t expand much at all, so their use is limited. I will likely only put trailer hooks and spare skirts in these spots.

Plano Blade Bag Review - Inside Pocket

I was able to take my stockpile of Picasso Shock Blades out of their packages and slip them into a few sleeves. The same goes for my buzzbaits and spinnerbaits. I was glad to finally have them secure and easily accessible in the Blade Bag.

Plano Blade Bag Review - Bladed Jigs

Good Buy?

I like that the Plano Guide Series Blade Bag keeps my baits flat and dry in a compact storage bag that easily fits alongside my other bait boxes. A standard spinnerbait box costs less, but doesn’t prevent the tangled hooks and blades that can be frequently annoying on the water. If you are looking for a better way for your bladed bait storage situation, the Plano Blade Bag would be a good buy.

Featured image via Plano Molding

Plano Blade Bag Review
  • 9/10
    Score - 9/10


A sturdy bait bag that is convenient for boat storage compartments, or in a tackle backpack. The big 64 bait capacity is legit, and is a truly useful and compact way to hold a bunch of spinnerbaits, buzzbaits, or vibrating jigs.

Tom Harkman

Tom has been fishing for over 17 years, occasionally competitively in tournaments, and has been a longtime B.A.S.S. and FLW member. His home lake is currently Lake Eufaula, AL.

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